Piedmont Lithium HQ

The stoic and fort like structure that proudly served as the Belmont Federal Savings & Loan had to be completely re-envisioned for the new and more modern HQ of Piedmont Lithium. The client desired collaborative functional office space with a modern feel that reflects their company brand. Design challenges of the existing building included dated awnings, lack of second floor windows and the need for new mechanical systems. With the future in mind, HELT Design had to imagine and design the core and shell to accommodate additional second story tenants should the building ever need to be leased as two separate floors.

Creating a modern and forward-thinking space to serve the startup energy of the client led to HELT Design integrating a roof deck and skylight that opens up the traditional space. Brand elements of the client were creatively integrated to be a feature of the building design. HELT Design helped the client envision their new office space through multiple renderings that iteratively engaged them in the design process.

Hickory Food Hall
HELT Design Modern Architecture Interiors - Dynamo 31 EntranceDynamo 31 Development