HELT Design has been a proven and respected resource for commercial real estate and property developers for over 50 years.

Decades of Experience
Strategic Relationships
Exceptional Customer Service

Prototype Development

Car Washes

Understanding the Developer and adapting to their goals/process

  • Defining and meeting developer’s goals (Speed, Budget, Accuracy)
  • Prototype development, design, and maintenance
  • Streamlining standards to scale volume and reduce time to market

Strategic Partnerships

  • Consistent, collaborative design teams
  • Dedicated team
  • Economies of scale

Experienced and licensed in 46 states

  • Effective multi-location franchise strategy and rollout
  • Structural, Civil & MEP review and coordination across multiple states and projects
  • Ability to meld prototypical parameters with jurisdictional requirements

HELT Design Architecture Interiors is driven by supporting our car wash clients in achieving their goals to scale their car wash operations. We do this delivering a prototype car wash design that can be executed nationally at speed, within budget, while maintaining quality controls and standards.


  • Define your vision and objectives in order to define the brand
  • Create an architectural prototype that best represents the car wash brand, quality control and budgetary requirements
  • Establish processes and mechanisms to manage roll-out to your car wash standards
  • Execute a repeatable national roll-out process that is on deadline
  • Manage the program and process to scale the brand across the USA


Adaptive Reuse

HELT Design quickly and effectively handles the custom design process from beginning to end.


  • Code compliance based on end user needs
  • Ensuring the integrity and history of the structure is maintained
  • Identify and remediate prior use environmental, engineering, and other issues
  • Value engineering to assist with budget management
  • Resolve building degradation due to passage of time
  • Working within the constraints of historic districts and registries

Mixed Use / Multi-Family

HELT Design Architecture Interiors specializes in:


  • Designing modern, experiential social spaces
  • Creating visions for mixed use and multi-family projects
  • Placemaking and shaping your brand
  • Early concepts delivered within weeks
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