HELT Design Modern Architecture Interiors - Dynamo 31 Entrance

Dynamo 31 Development

Undeniably the foundation of present-day McAdenville, NC, was the McAden Mill Number Two. Original city limits were established and based on a half mile radius of the mill’s central bell tower. Starting in 1885, this beautiful traditional red-brick mill building produced cotton textiles that were used throughout the world. Helt Design was honored to be tasked with leading the revitalization of this historical structure and heartbeat of the town.

With multiple vibrant tenants eager to anchor the fast-emerging development, the mixed-use tag on this project is an understatement. Office, Industrial, Commercial, Social, and Adaptive Reuse is all housed in the historically significant site which takes its modern-day name, “Dynamo 31”, from a Thomas Edison hydroelectric generator built onsite to provide power to the mill and surrounding town. Helt Design is proud to be a part of the literal history in the making.

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