HELT Design is proud to announce the internal promotion of two team members, Diana Myers and James Zink.  Diana and James are longstanding HELT team members who have consistently demonstrated dedication to client service, subject matter expertise, and provided strong leadership to move our design firm forward.   

Diana Myers has beenelevatedtothe role ofAssociate Principal.  

James Zink has beenelevatedto theposition of Associate. 

Diana Myers 

For 24 years, Diana has been dedicated to the success and growth of HELT Design. During her tenure with HELT she has built a strong team and fostered several long-standing client relationships that have contributed to the firm’s success. Her promotion is a well-deserved recognition of her adept ability to foster and maintain repeat client work, her technical skillsets, and the leadership acumen she provides to successfully manage client-specific programs. As Associate Principal, Diana will take on a larger role related to strategic firm metrics for production volume, risk mitigation, and customer service for our developer driven national retail programs and carwash prototype design studio.  She will continue with her existing studio responsibilities leading client relationships, program scheduling, prototype design, site adaptation and code compliance.   

James Zink 

James’ promotion recognizes the near decade-long commitment to successful client program management of the national retail program. He has demonstrated strong team management and mentorship skills that has translated to improved productivity for our clients. In addition, the application of his business knowledge to our production process has led to more streamlined and enhanced ways of delivering value to our clients. As Associate, James will take on greater responsibility for studio specific business performance while continuing in his role of overseeing individual responsibility for the success of projects and supporting HELT’s continuous improvement initiatives. 

Wethank Diana and James forproviding high-quality serviceto our clients and are proud to recognize them as leaders in the growth of our firm.