Helt Design Modern Architecture Interiors

What is changing?

  • C.L. Helt, Architect Inc. is now doing business as HELT Design Architecture Interiors. We are excited to share our refreshed name, logo, and design work with our current and prospective clients.

What is not changing?

  • The high level of creativity, service, and professionalism that you have come to expect from our firm.

Why is it changing?

  • The firm has served countless clients for more than 50 years. During this time the firm logo has stayed the same (until now).  The original logo graphically represented drawing tools of the past and needed a re-fresh.  While as architects we continue to sketch by hand to work through concepts and convey ideas we no longer use “T” squares and circle templates to draw construction documents.  We, like our drawing tools of today, have evolved and our brand / image was long past due for an evolution or re-fresh that better represents us.

When will the change go into effect?

  • As with most rebranding efforts, this is not an overnight process. We will update our digital platforms (website, social media, etc.) starting Friday May, 13 to reflect the refreshed name and logo. Clients and the general public may still see some uses of C.L. Helt, Architect, Inc. and our old logo in various formats as we transition. We are actively working to update these as appropriate.

I’m a current client, how does this affect me?

  • The refresh will have little effect on you as a client. The refresh is a way to position the firm in a light that better represents us.  We have a new web domain (HELTDesign.com) and email addresses (First Name Last Initial @HELTDesign.com), but our talented staff, services, and high level of architectural and interior design that you have come to expect, will not change.

Does this change anything for projects that are currently in process?

  • Naturally, there are a number of projects that are in development and there will be no material change to them, other than perhaps a new logo in our presentation and construction document drawing title block. All contracts and documents containing our old logo remain valid. Long term agreements will be updated as necessary and or upon renewal time. Agreements contracts and drawings developed prior to our brand refresh do not need to be retroactively updated. Any future documentation will reflect our new name and logo.

Do I need a new W9 from HELT Design?

What do I need to do to update my systems for this change?

  • You need to add the email domain @HELTDesign.com to your address book to avoid communications being picked up by a spam folder and account for this updated firm name in accounting and invoice system. Please follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram to learn more about this exciting time in the firm’s history.

I still have questions; who can I reach out too?

Read the official announcement from Tim Johnston, Principal