Helt - Modern Architecture - Adaptive Reuse Project - The Jailhouse

The Jailhouse

Originally the City of Belmont’s jail, this 3-story structure sat largely unused for years before being revitalized into an upscale cocktail and cigar lounge.

It was imperative to HELT Design and the owners retain the character of the jail by highlighting historic features. Steel jail cell doors were repurposed and used behind the bar to display featured whiskey and scotch offerings. A cedar lined walk-in humidor was developed to welcome patrons into a cigar lounge with a separate high end filtration system. Along with cantilevered steel beams at the bar opening, there are endless adaptive reuse and repurpose aspects within the design.

Structurally, it was no easy feat to navigate unique building code and cut away solid concrete and rebared walls, floors and ceilings to transfer loads to existing foundations, but this work makes for an impactful and authentic experience that both the client and Helt are proud of to this day.

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